7 Truths Writers (Probably) Won’t Admit Out Loud

All of these are so true it kinda hurts ( but only if you have been lying to yourself )

You Write Fiction

Highlight the ones that apply to you and go confess your sins afterward.

#1 We stalk our readers on Goodreads to see what their progress updates say

But only because we value and crave feedback. Not because we’re paranoid. Why would we be paranoid?

#2 We don’t write as much as we pretend to

Raise your hand if you’ve tweeted #amwriting when you’ve done nothing of the sort. Good, now put it down and get to work.

#3 We do care about the money

Despite a hundred wise (and obnoxious) sayings to the contrary, most of us want to earn money through our writing, and it’s frustrating when sales are constantly flatlined. Not that I’m trying to be a Scrooge, but “I write because that’s who I am” doesn’t pay many expenses.

#4 We have at least one genre we hold a grudge against, though we’d never say so out…

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Must have books for being Lost on a deserted island


I’m using the prompt Top Ten books I’d want on a desert island by Top Ten Tuesday. Though this is an old prompt and not this weeks, but who follows the rules? The answer : not me obviously.

So after just finishing six seasons of Lost , I thought hey if I was on a deserted island I would definitely be lost and in need of reading material just like Sawyer. Plus I wanted an excuse to use my  Pop Lost characters, because they are adorable am I right?!? Of course I am.

So these are the top ten books I have read and would bring and why.

  1. The Bible : My bible goes on every trip with me so chances are if I had nothing else I would have it.
  2. Cross Roads by WM. Paul Young : I cannot recommend this book enough. It is so good and I would definitely want it with me on an island.
  3. I am the Great Horse by Katherine Roberts : I haven’t read this book in forever but I remember it so fondly. I was obsessed with horses when I was younger (still am actually), and I love that the story of Alexander the Great is told in such a unique voice; that of his war horse.
  4. Eagles Flying High by Linda Rae Rao : I don’t like to say I have a favorite book, I mean that’s like asking a mother to pick a favorite child . But if I had to choose, Eagles Flying High would probably win out. Its about the only book I can think of that I have consistently re-read almost every year.
  5. Fairest by Gail Carson Levine : I wasn’t a fan of Ella Enchanted, I didn’t like the book or the movie. But Fairest is a whole different ball game. I loved this book so quickly.
  6. 7. 8. The Ascendance Trilogy by Jennifer A Nielson: The fact that no other series even competed with this one in my mind for a spot says a lot. I mean these books are so Amazing and Sassy that I not only chose them over every other series I own but I gave up three slots just for these precious works of perfection.

     9. The Raven master’s Secret by Elvira Woodruff : So by this point my slots are few and quite frankly I have a horrible memory. I never remember what a book is about, just my feeling towards it. I felt love for this one and remembered I couldn’t put it down once I started reading. Lo’ and behold here it is on the list and on its way to an island.

10. Ekaterina by Susan K. Downs and Susan May Warren :  I read this a year or so ago. It was so good, action, mystery and the romance was so well done I didn’t even twinge at it (Congrats book! You are in a exclusive club with few members).

So those are the Ten books I would bring that I have read. But let’s face it ,if I’m headed to an island (or any destination really) then I’m going to bring more books than probably necessary. That’s why I’m including the Top Five books that I would bring but haven’t read. See there’s always a loophole 🙂


  1. Homers Odyssey : Quite honestly I’m not sure how I got away with not reading this in school but here we are. It seems interesting and rather long so it should keep me occupied for awhile ……unless I don’t like it to which it will then be used as decoration in the beach hut I will inevitably build ( and furthermore decorate ).
  2. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo : This has been in my TBR pile for awhile, I started it last year but with work I just didn’t have the energy to focus on any book much less one of this size. I have so much hope for this book, I can’t stand it, please don’t fail me.
  3. Thieving Weasels by Billy Taylor : I just ordered this about a month ago .I am so excited for this book, obviously it has to come.
  4. The Beautiful Pretender by Melanie Dickerson :  I love Melanie Dickerson, and a book I haven’t read yet, it’s a yes from me.
  5. Hawksmaid by Kathryn Lasky : I loved Kathryn Lasky growing up and this is a Robin Hood retelling so it’s a must!.

And there you have it, the Top Ten Books I would want on a Island ,and five more because  “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.” ~ John Locke .

Forever & Always,


Let’s Chat. Would you dare say you have a favorite book? How many books do you usually pack for trips? Anybody else dream about living on a deserted island and having a beach hut?

Top Ten Ways To Capture My Bookish Affection

I’m linking up with Top Ten Tuesday .  I instantly loved this prompt ( which is actually top ten things that will make me instantly want to read a book) because it’s going to yield such diverse results. Feel free to join in and use this on your own blog , just use the link above. 

Onto my top ten things that will make me read a book or otherwise capture my bookish affections

  1. Historical Fiction : I am such a sucker for HF especially if it has to do with the Revolutionary War or the gold rush. Plus my favorite trope is girls disguised as boys/soldiers, I love the thrill of it and some of the hilarious outcomes. 
  2. Pirates : I’m pretty sure my siblings and I would have made a perfect pirate crew, the debatable part is who would be in charge ( just kidding it would most definitely be me , because I’m better at giving orders than taking them ) I need more pirate books in my life. So if you have any recommendations leave a comment.
  3. If it’s a Diary/ Journal : this obsession probably began with the Dear America books and then escalated with books like The Diary of Anne Frank. I think it’s a cool way to tell a story .
  4. Less Romance More Action : Action movies are my favorite thing of ever, so naturally that is also a must have in books. I read hardly any romance growing up and now even as an adult I’m not a fan , less kissing more things blowing up. 
  5. Books by my Favorite Authors: If I read a book by an author and love it, I’m gonna give their other books a try. While this sometimes ends in disaster I’m more often in love with their other books too.
  6. Happy Endings :  Ok so I know that this is a negative for some people because “that’s not how the real world works”. I’ve said it before and I’ll mention it again that I don’t  necessarily read books for realism. It’s just that their is so much negative in the world that I enjoy reading something where it works out how it’s suppose to. My Mama says I have an idealistic  view on how the world should work, and I’ve been that way since I was little. So give me unrealistic happy endings and leave me to my own devices.
  7. Spies, Heists and over all Thievery: Does anyone else question their moral compass after reading a really good book on thieves? That just me? Ok but seriously I love the planning and logistics behind a good heist! Plus you ever notice how awesome the groups are in these types of books? 
  8. Sarcasm and Witty Dialogue: I love sarcasm! It’s one of my favorite traits in people and characters. Sarcasm always leads to witty dialogue between characters, which is a win because who doesn’t love to laugh. 
  9. Good vs. Evil : While I love morally gray characters because they tend to have more depth, I still love the overall theme of Good vs. Evil. 
  10. Classics : I’m a fan of classics, I have a collection of them ( some I have read, some I haven’t yet). 

I should probably question where I’m headed in life what with loving books about thieves and siblings who could be pirates but alas I am not. Mostly because I’ll just be in my room reading if you ever come looking for me.

Forever & Always, 


What are some things that will make you pick up a book? What’s your favorite classic? Do you ever want to quit life and become a pirate? 

8 Series that I love to pieces

I love series! Don’t get me wrong stand alone books are great and I love and cherish many . Series have the benefit of giving us more time with the characters and can span a longer period of the characters life. I’m that person that wants all the little details about characters that don’t actually matter to the plot but I want them anyway, so meet my unrealistic demands authors.

Below are some of my favorite series, eight to be exact. Why eight, you ask, because my brain functions in a manner like this :

Me: I should write a blog post with 10 series, you know like a normal blogger.

Brain: But, like, what if you didn’t. You should do 8.

Me: Good point in all but nah.

Brain: Funny, like you had a choice, I said 8. For no apparent reason I like that number today.

Me: awesome. 8 it is.

A rare glimpse into my life of weirdness. By the way people who say they don’t have internal monologue running all day, seriously how do you live?? I blame being a writer as to why I talk to myself non stop.


1. The Heist Society by Alley Carter.

I should probably be worried at the amount of books with criminals that I adore, but I’m not. These books are awesome. I originally “borrowed” Perfect Scoundrels from my sister, she never got it back (sorry hope you’re not to upset about the loss). Reading the third book first had me addicted and needing all the background stories. I love the characters and while some of them are a little cliché , the over all story and family dynamic made up for it.


2. The Lost Books series by Ted Dekker

These are the best when it comes to being fast paced, action packed, and the ultimate good verses evil. While Chosen and Elyon ( the book on top) are my favorite, the rest of the series does keep pace. I enjoyed these books so much because of the unique story. It’s set in another world, where evil is on the outside in the form of a skin disease (known as Scabs). Believers wash themselves in the pools of Elyon to prevent the disease. The books center around four teenagers who get chosen to lead the forest guard and also get chosen by Elyon for a secret mission- to find the lost books of history.

I own all hardcover except for #6 Elyon , which I ordered used and didn’t pay attention to the fact that it is a paperback, so its in time out for being the oddball.


3. Little House On The Prairie By Laura Ingalls Wilder.

 These books shaped my adolescence years, I loved her life and more often then not wished I lived in her era of time. I own all nine of the original and then a bunch of other ones , either written about Laura or her family members.


4. Hattie Big Sky and Hattie Ever After by Kirby Larson

I loved Hattie Big Sky, its about an orphan girl who gets passed from relative to relative. Then one day she gets the opportunity to strike out on her own and prove up a land claim. It was awesome and I have enjoyed reading it multiple times.

I was super excited for Hattie Ever After. It fell a little flat of my expectations, but was still an enjoyable read. In this book we see Hattie get to pursue a career and romantic relationships.

IMG_2005 2

5. Seasons of the Heart by Janette Oke.

I love Janette Oke books, and I haven’t read one yet that disappointed me. However I do realize that some are a might predictable and can have “fairytale endings “, neither of those bother me enough to turn me away. Seasons of the heart is such an adorable series and centers around a boy named Josh, over the course of the four books you get to experience his first love, his disappointments and all that accompanies growing up.


6. Eagles Flying High series by Linda Rae Rao.

When I was about 16, I found Eagles Flying High at a thrift store. I bought it because it centered around the Revolutionary War, and History was (and still is ) my favorite subject. I devoured it quickly and had to have the rest. My shy self worked up the courage to ask my librarian if we had the others, my library didn’t but the college library carried it. This was important to my 16 year old self, that I got books from the college library, ahhhh the small things in life.

Anyway My favorite’s are Eagles Flying High and Of Eagles and Ravens , but all of them are beautifully written. All the books center around different members of the family. The family dynamic is so awesome, plus the action and history involved are perfect.

IMG_2018 2

7.  Knightley Academy  series by Violet Haberdasher

My sister bought me Knightley Academy for my birthday many years ago ( or maybe she bought me The Secret Prince, heck if I remember). I love these books because of how Henry in a underdog who takes a chance on a dream and makes it work for himself. The books are wonderful, I loved all the action and mystery. Plus a win for great friendships.


8. The Ascendance Trilogy By  Jennifer A. Neilsen

These books are pure gold, and if you haven’t read them I urge you to consider what you are doing with your life (the answer is failing, so go read them). I cannot say enough about how good these books are, and it boils down to SASS and SWORDS. Yep those were the main reason I loved this trilogy, because sassy boys who fight with swords and are still adorable cupcakes make my life. All the relationships in these books just worked so well!

So those are my series I suggest you check out all of them to see if they would interest you, because they all have something amazing to offer.

Forever & Always,


Have you read any of the above series? Any suggestions of some series that I should try? Do you like series or stand alone books better?

Geekerella by Ashley Poston

Thanks Netgalley for the review copy.

I should probably start writing my thoughts of books down as I read them because once it’s over who remembers their thoughts (not me).


If I’m being honest it was the name and cover that had me wanting to read this book, I didn’t really care what it was about. Oh was I surprised! Geekerella is amazing! So let’s go ahead and list why ( and if you’re  a curious bean and wonder why I said let’s it is because I have a pet dragon who does all my writing, therefore blame typos on him).

Reasons I loved Geekerella into the Black Nebula and back.

  • This book is based around a fake fandom , but oh the inclusion of real fandom references. My personal favorites being Firefly and Captain America. However there is Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and more.
  • Elle is such a cute geek, after losing her father , star field is her way of holding onto him. Her journey through grief and normal teenage problems is real and beautifully written.
  • Yay for closet geek Darien. Well not because he is a closet geek but because he gets to represent the fanboys, who usually don’t get a big role in previous books I’ve read. Plus he is an adorably sweet boy and I loved his character.
  • Sage is a good friend and sticks with Elle till the end of the line( high five if you understood that reference)
  • Their phone conversations were the cutest and made me smile.
  • The ending was realistic while still leaving my heart in my chest( which is arguably the best place for it).

Reasons My face twitched but it didn’t stop me from loving it.

  • Had the case of instant love, because no offense a relationship built over about a month is like instant pudding.
  • Catherine and Elle’s last conversation tore me to pieces . Good job on the emotions it caused but I would like permission to punch Catherine in the face with a chair. She is cruel and horrendous ! 

I loved how this book realistically portrayed Fandom life and why it means so much to us fangirls and fanboys involved! If you have ever  found a place to belong – a home- in a fandom; if you ever saw a part of yourself in a character and no longer felt alone; if a movie or book or Convention has ever helped you through the hard parts of life, then you’ll love this book !!

Definitely 5 stars and I can’t wait to buy a paper copy!

Forever & Always,


What’s your favorite fandom? Have you ever been to a Con? 

    Recreating my comfy chair and where I disappeared to

    So it’s been almost two weeks since I posted. In that time I redid my chair ,which I will show you. 

     I’ve been at a slower pace of reading because I am reading on my iPod and for some reason it takes me way longer to get through Ebooks . *shrugs shoulders* who can understand – the answer is not me.

     While I was slowly reading , I also was binge watching my newest obsession Lost. Apparently starting a show with your mama is a bad idea unless you are truly committed , because she might be more obsessed then me 😂.

    Ok now that we caught up on why I was gone, lets proceed to my chair. So I got this ugly duckling from a neighbor. While stained and worn , it is extremely comfy and the perfect size for my room. 

    For weeks I debated what color to dye it. I finally just bought Royal blue liquid Ritz dye. I filled a container with water and added a couple of capfuls of the dye (the instructions on the bottle say add salt but that’s really only  for clothes or fabrics that you’ll later wash). It wasn’t quite the color I wanted when I tested the rag I was going to use on the chair so I dumped more in till I was satisfied that it would dry the color I desired. 

    As I said I started out rubbing it on with an old rag. That soon changed when my dad brought me an empty spray bottle. It was much quicker to spray it on and then run over it with the rag just to smooth it out and make sure it soaked in. I left it outside to dry in the sun till dusk.

    I’m happy with the results and had leftover dye if I ever want to touch it up or make it darker. Now most people would finish it off with Scotch Guard so it wouldn’t bleed on clothing and would protect from fading , however I didn’t feel the need to do this and I have sat on the chair damp and not had a issue with it bleeding onto my clothes. 

    Forever & Always,


    Have you watched Lost? If so who is your favorite character(s)? Do you find it easier to read Ebooks or hold the real thing?

    The lucky few by Heather Avis

    I got to read and review this thanks to Netgalley . 

     This book is about the beautiful adoption journey that Heather and her husband Josh go through. They adopted three children, two with Down syndrome. 

     Agh where to start with this book! I think one of the main reasons I loved it was how truthful Heather is about it all. She’s not trying to lie and say their decision to adopt beautiful babies with Down syndrome was easy or that she was eager to . This book is raw and brutally honest, you cannot read this book and walk away unchanged. 

     Heather challenges the worlds view of a normal family and she does it with the grace of God. I love every detail of how far this family came. 

    We start the book finding out that Heather is unable to bear children ( she walks through the emotions that accompany such news), then we get to see the couple  say yes to God and adopt their first child with Down syndrome Macyn Hope. 

     Next comes their spirited daughter Truly Star ( I love these names by the way). Truly tests Heather in a different way than Macyn had, and Heather grows not only as a mom but as a person because of it. 

    Just when Heather thinks her plate is full and their family complete, she gets the call for another baby with Down syndrome . With another yes to God their family grows with the addition of August Ryker. 

    This book will leave you feeling empowered  to view “different ” families as normal in their own way and amazing.

    When I was younger I wanted 7 children . Then I was around kids and still being a kid myself (technically a teenager) that dream kinda faded. Last year I worked at a daycare with a lot of foster children and lower income families. I soon realized that while I may want 7 children I didn’t have to give birth to all of them. Seeing so many children in need of a loving home, made me want to give them that. While I don’t know what my future holds, I do know that adoption will be an option for me and my future husband. After reading The lucky few, I would consider it a privilege to not only adopt but to be open to saying yes to whatever God has planned.

    Forever & Always,


    Let’s chat – would you be open to adoption? How about foster care? How many children do you want/ have?

    Devoted by Marjorie Jackson

    I received a free copy from Net galley, in exchange for a honest review.

     First I want to say how selective I am with devotionals . I have rejected so many a few pages in. I have found that most were shallow and not biblically sound. 

     Devoted by Marjorie Jackson truly delivered! I read it in four days! Every topic she covered had bible verses to confirm what she was saying; which is something I love. I don’t want to read somebody’s opinion of the bible ; I want what the Bible says about any given topic and then I want your encouragement or advice.

      I can not say enough about how well this devotional was written! I truly felt encouraged to be more devoted to God in every area of my life. It’s a beautiful combination of encouragement, practical advice on applying what you read to your life, and a dose of real accountability! 

    Devoted is by far the best teen/ young women devotional I have ever read ( and I’m 23, so I’ve tried a few).

    Here are a few of the many quotes I loved from the book : 

    Five stars for sure , I would read Devoted by Marjorie Jackson every month of the year.

    Forever &Always , 


    Let’s chat. What’s your favorite devotional? Did you ever start one and not finish because it wasn’t good ? Comment below your favorite book of the bible.

    Moving my bookcase, then moving it back because #logic

    For the past few weeks I have been saying I needed to reorganize my bookcase and move it. Last night I tackled the daunting task. I took all the books off – semi sorting them as I went. Then I tried to move my bookcase but my house has a slanted roof , and the wall I intended to put it on was to short. Or the bookcase to tall, depending on your perspective. Seeing as I didn’t want to put it on the wall my bed resides at , I just put it back. 

     However I reorganized all my books and I love it so much more! Currently my sister and I have our childhood books on it, one day those will be moved to a shelf in the closet ( that I am patiently waiting on my dad to build). The children’s books were at the top before and now they reside at the bottom. I love that my series are at eye level now. Also my TBR books are all on one shelf , I’m internally screaming over this because #organized. 

    So without further ado , or excited screaming over my own books; here is the before picture : 

    As you can see it also needed to be decluttered from knick knacks . 

    Now the much improved version :

    Ahhh it pleases me so much to see the difference 🙂 As I said one day the three bottom shelves will be more organized. 

    Forever & Always,


    So have you ever reorganized your bookcase? Do you color coordinate? Put all the series together( because I do) ? Or just put books on the shelf as you get them? Let me know in the comments.

    10 Bookish Questions

    So I took these questions from the Amazing book blogger Cait@PaperFury . She is the queen of Sass and I love her, so you’ll obviously love her!

    Now for the questions.

    1.What are your top 5 reads of 2017?

    This is easy because I have read 4 books so far, which is actually not good for me. With that being said, I loved the “Gift by Bryan M Litfin” and “The Huntress of Thornbeck forest by Melanie Dickerson”. The other 2 were- a dog training book ( because I love my fur baby but he had some issues we needed to work on) and “Annexed by Sharon Dogar” which I just didn’t like. My opinion on Annexed came as a surprise to me because I love anything about Anne Frank, so I thought it would be wicked cool to read some fiction from Peter’s POV. It just left me feeling like he didn’t really like Anne , he settled for her because he was desperate and she was a flirt.

    2. Top 5 favorite book friendships.

    1. Tris and Christina from Divergent.
    2. Henry and Adam from The Knightley Academy books.
    3. Mandie and Joe from the Mandie Series
    4. Jaron and Roden from The False Prince. #enemieswhobecomefriends.

    So I could only think of 4, but i’m a rebel and refuse to do as told. Or my brain hurts from trying to remember all the books I’ve ever read with friends, and I give up. Soon as I publish this I will think of another

    3. Most anticipated release of 2017.

    This came out January 3rd but I haven’t ordered it yet. Super excited!!! I hope this one is better then Never Never.

    4.How many books are in your To Be Read Pile?

    53, if you don’t count the Janette Oak series I want to read or the books on my iPod. Which I have 27 books on different apps that I want to read if you do count those.

    5. What are your feelings on book merchandise.

    I think bookmarks, coffee mugs and book themed phone cases are all cool (and I own 2 out of 3 , working on the coffee cup). I feel it’s all about the individual, some people hang posters and do their whole room after a book fandom, some of us make a bunch of fandom boards on pinterest (You can find me Here ), while others cry in the corner over books that ripped their hearts out without permission. I say do what makes you happy, and if that means collecting all the stuff , then go for it. I collect bookmarks because they are useful and I love them 🙂

    6.Who is the latest amazing author you have discovered?

    Easy! Bryan M Litfin!! I have read two books from his Chivies Trilogy and I am in love with the characters and world setting!!

    7.How long have you been a book blogger?

    The answer is not long, I did have a different blog a year ago that I did a couple of book reviews on but then I was working to many hours and didn’t have time to read or blog. So I started fresh.

    8. What’s you favorite thing about reading? Let me name the reasons-

    I am introvert! I don’t like new places or going somewhere I haven’t been before. My comfort zone is very small. So when I read, I get to go on adventures! I can be in a group of thieves , or be a princess, I can sail the seven seas and not answer my mothers demand to do the dishes (just kidding mama, love you). I can be the person I will never be in this lifetime. I get the wonderful chance to lose the fears and anxiety and be whoever I want . I love finding the best and worst parts of myself in the characters.

    9. What are you reading soon?


    Just a glimpse at what is on my TBR, but these are towards the top of what I want to read next. Of course I change my mind a lot so we shall see.

    10.Describe yourself in 5 book titles.

    1. Don’t judge a girl by her cover- because I am short but will still ask you to fight me.
    2. Eats with Sinners- because we are all sinners and hello I have to eat. Also super excited to eventually read this.
    3. All fall down- I trip over nothing. Its a simple fact in my life, I fell down the stairs the other day and I can’t tell you why except it may be because I was briskly walking (practically running) down them.
    4. Emily’s runaway imagination – self explanatory
    5. Girl in Blue- my favorite color is blue and I therefore wear it a lot.

    So that wraps up the questions, I enjoyed figuring out all the answers for this.

    Forever & Always,


    Have you read any of the books I mentioned? Any amazing authors you have found recently? What’s your favorite thing about reading? Also feel free to use these questions, just link back to Cait at paperfury and me if you don’t mind:)