I could hit you with the basic facts here, but I’m not much for doing things the way they should probably be done. So instead I’ll just drop a few things here that I find important to better know me.

I am a lover of simple things, and my life reflects that. In short on any given day you will find me helping on our small farm, reading, eating lots of different snacks,doing a craft, writing and on a glorious day I might get a nap.

Books are my favorite way to spend my free time and my money. Well that and my dog, he’s kind of a spoiled thing but he deserves it because he is my constant companion.

I like to be bribed with food, ask my sisters , I don’t leave the house unless food is involved. Apologies are only accepted if its followed with cake or ice cream. Snacks are a must, because who lasts that long between meals? Not me.

Lets see how about a few random facts

  • I don’t like wearing shoes,  barefooted is the way to go.
  • I’m stubborn
  • I play absolutely no instruments, because I lack talent in that department.
  • I love writing stories and books.
  • Action movies are my favorite
  • I can’t eat spicy foods
  • I have a lactose sensitivity , which  means milk is not my friend.
  • However cheese and I are on good terms
  • I have a bird named Whiskey but I don’t drink alcohol. Long story…..
  •  My MBTI is INFJ
  • Marvel is life.
  • Fishing is something I enjoy, struggle to get the fish of the hook, but love it none the less.

I guess that will do for now.

Forever and Always,