Recreating my comfy chair and where I disappeared to

So it’s been almost two weeks since I posted. In that time I redid my chair ,which I will show you. 

 I’ve been at a slower pace of reading because I am reading on my iPod and for some reason it takes me way longer to get through Ebooks . *shrugs shoulders* who can understand – the answer is not me.

 While I was slowly reading , I also was binge watching my newest obsession Lost. Apparently starting a show with your mama is a bad idea unless you are truly committed , because she might be more obsessed then me 😂.

Ok now that we caught up on why I was gone, lets proceed to my chair. So I got this ugly duckling from a neighbor. While stained and worn , it is extremely comfy and the perfect size for my room. 

For weeks I debated what color to dye it. I finally just bought Royal blue liquid Ritz dye. I filled a container with water and added a couple of capfuls of the dye (the instructions on the bottle say add salt but that’s really only  for clothes or fabrics that you’ll later wash). It wasn’t quite the color I wanted when I tested the rag I was going to use on the chair so I dumped more in till I was satisfied that it would dry the color I desired. 

As I said I started out rubbing it on with an old rag. That soon changed when my dad brought me an empty spray bottle. It was much quicker to spray it on and then run over it with the rag just to smooth it out and make sure it soaked in. I left it outside to dry in the sun till dusk.

I’m happy with the results and had leftover dye if I ever want to touch it up or make it darker. Now most people would finish it off with Scotch Guard so it wouldn’t bleed on clothing and would protect from fading , however I didn’t feel the need to do this and I have sat on the chair damp and not had a issue with it bleeding onto my clothes. 

Forever & Always,


Have you watched Lost? If so who is your favorite character(s)? Do you find it easier to read Ebooks or hold the real thing?


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