Devoted by Marjorie Jackson

I received a free copy from Net galley, in exchange for a honest review.

 First I want to say how selective I am with devotionals . I have rejected so many a few pages in. I have found that most were shallow and not biblically sound. 

 Devoted by Marjorie Jackson truly delivered! I read it in four days! Every topic she covered had bible verses to confirm what she was saying; which is something I love. I don’t want to read somebody’s opinion of the bible ; I want what the Bible says about any given topic and then I want your encouragement or advice.

  I can not say enough about how well this devotional was written! I truly felt encouraged to be more devoted to God in every area of my life. It’s a beautiful combination of encouragement, practical advice on applying what you read to your life, and a dose of real accountability! 

Devoted is by far the best teen/ young women devotional I have ever read ( and I’m 23, so I’ve tried a few).

Here are a few of the many quotes I loved from the book : 

Five stars for sure , I would read Devoted by Marjorie Jackson every month of the year.

Forever &Always , 


Let’s chat. What’s your favorite devotional? Did you ever start one and not finish because it wasn’t good ? Comment below your favorite book of the bible.


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