10 Bookish Questions

So I took these questions from the Amazing book blogger Cait@PaperFury . She is the queen of Sass and I love her, so you’ll obviously love her!

Now for the questions.

1.What are your top 5 reads of 2017?

This is easy because I have read 4 books so far, which is actually not good for me. With that being said, I loved the “Gift by Bryan M Litfin” and “The Huntress of Thornbeck forest by Melanie Dickerson”. The other 2 were- a dog training book ( because I love my fur baby but he had some issues we needed to work on) and “Annexed by Sharon Dogar” which I just didn’t like. My opinion on Annexed came as a surprise to me because I love anything about Anne Frank, so I thought it would be wicked cool to read some fiction from Peter’s POV. It just left me feeling like he didn’t really like Anne , he settled for her because he was desperate and she was a flirt.

2. Top 5 favorite book friendships.

  1. Tris and Christina from Divergent.
  2. Henry and Adam from The Knightley Academy books.
  3. Mandie and Joe from the Mandie Series
  4. Jaron and Roden from The False Prince. #enemieswhobecomefriends.

So I could only think of 4, but i’m a rebel and refuse to do as told. Or my brain hurts from trying to remember all the books I’ve ever read with friends, and I give up. Soon as I publish this I will think of another

3. Most anticipated release of 2017.

This came out January 3rd but I haven’t ordered it yet. Super excited!!! I hope this one is better then Never Never.

4.How many books are in your To Be Read Pile?

53, if you don’t count the Janette Oak series I want to read or the books on my iPod. Which I have 27 books on different apps that I want to read if you do count those.

5. What are your feelings on book merchandise.

I think bookmarks, coffee mugs and book themed phone cases are all cool (and I own 2 out of 3 , working on the coffee cup). I feel it’s all about the individual, some people hang posters and do their whole room after a book fandom, some of us make a bunch of fandom boards on pinterest (You can find me Here ), while others cry in the corner over books that ripped their hearts out without permission. I say do what makes you happy, and if that means collecting all the stuff , then go for it. I collect bookmarks because they are useful and I love them 🙂

6.Who is the latest amazing author you have discovered?

Easy! Bryan M Litfin!! I have read two books from his Chivies Trilogy and I am in love with the characters and world setting!!

7.How long have you been a book blogger?

The answer is not long, I did have a different blog a year ago that I did a couple of book reviews on but then I was working to many hours and didn’t have time to read or blog. So I started fresh.

8. What’s you favorite thing about reading? Let me name the reasons-

I am introvert! I don’t like new places or going somewhere I haven’t been before. My comfort zone is very small. So when I read, I get to go on adventures! I can be in a group of thieves , or be a princess, I can sail the seven seas and not answer my mothers demand to do the dishes (just kidding mama, love you). I can be the person I will never be in this lifetime. I get the wonderful chance to lose the fears and anxiety and be whoever I want . I love finding the best and worst parts of myself in the characters.

9. What are you reading soon?


Just a glimpse at what is on my TBR, but these are towards the top of what I want to read next. Of course I change my mind a lot so we shall see.

10.Describe yourself in 5 book titles.

  1. Don’t judge a girl by her cover- because I am short but will still ask you to fight me.
  2. Eats with Sinners- because we are all sinners and hello I have to eat. Also super excited to eventually read this.
  3. All fall down- I trip over nothing. Its a simple fact in my life, I fell down the stairs the other day and I can’t tell you why except it may be because I was briskly walking (practically running) down them.
  4. Emily’s runaway imagination – self explanatory
  5. Girl in Blue- my favorite color is blue and I therefore wear it a lot.

So that wraps up the questions, I enjoyed figuring out all the answers for this.

Forever & Always,


Have you read any of the books I mentioned? Any amazing authors you have found recently? What’s your favorite thing about reading? Also feel free to use these questions, just link back to Cait at paperfury and me if you don’t mind:)



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